• Background introduction of urine bag

    In order to prevent the deterioration of the bladder cancer patients after hospitalization, the general operation of the total cystectomy. After the removal of the bladder, a diversion of the urethra,

    2019/04/12 23

  • What is a urine bag?

    The urine collection bag is a sterile plastic bag that is designed to collect urine from patients who have urinary incontinence in men.Urine Collection Bag: it is composed of plastic bag, drainage cat

    2019/04/12 15

  • World Health Expo

    2019.4.7 to 2019.4.10 World Health Expo Fair in Wuhan

    2019/04/12 21

  • Company building

    2014.9.23 The company

    2019/04/12 15

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