How to use urine bag

2019-04-12 14:22:04

The first thing to note is that the urine collection bag and the urine bag are not the same. Urine collection bags are used for patients undergoing "stoma" surgery. This type of patient may be rectal or bladder cancer, and after removal of the lesion, it will open in the patient's side of the abdomen. The urine and urine will not be consciously discharged from the mouth, so need to use the collecting bag. and the urine bag, may be some people to the toilet is not convenient, or simple urinary incontinence. The difference between the two is that the collection of urine at one end of the bag is different.

The following is a collection of urine bags that are connected to the "stoma". At present, there are various types of urine collection bags, such as general urine bag, anti-reflux urine bag, child-type urine collector and waist-side urine bag.

The most used, or common set of urine bags.

Get the set urine bag, first check whether the package is complete, there is no breakage, whether the product is within the validity period.

Disinfect the catheter and joint. Connect the catheter to the connector.

Some need to first connect one end of the catheter to the urine collector, and some are integrated. In addition, there is a stop valve, usually should be in the closed state. Open when urinating. Some urine bags do not have this device.