Urine Bag Purchase Items

2019-04-12 14:22:42

The choice of a suitable product for the patient's physical health and mental health is very important, good products can make life easier for patients, to help patients return to normal life as soon as possible, and inappropriate products put the patient on the brink of danger, may be two times the infection re-admission, a serious blow to the customer's psychology.

The following items should be avoided when selecting products: 1, tight buckle The body, pressure is too large-for the prevention of leakage of urine, some products must be set in the urine cavity tightening urination stoma, to create a great negative pressure to the stoma, for blood is not smooth, causing swelling, clogging, infection, decay and even necrosis. The other straps tighten the patient's waist, causing discomfort.

2, can not breathe, repeated infection-some products of the collection of urine cavity are all closed structure, the lower part of the urine storage bag, urine moisture and hot air fumigation urination stoma, moist environment breeding bacteria, causing infection, resulting in swelling inflammation, clogging pain.

3, large face contact, skin ulcers-the individual product is a skin urine bag, not only urine fumigation infection, but also because of large area and stoma around the skin paste, causing discomfort, resulting in skin rash and even decay, this is a disposable product, can not be used for a long time.

4, design defects, easy to leak urine-other products set the inner edge of the urine cavity interface without temporary access to the urine sac, urine can not flow into the urine storage bag, resulting in leakage of urine.

The individual product uses the Arc surface inflatable sac, causes the urine leakage phenomenon to be more serious.

5, the material rigid, unfavorable wear--some products adopt stainless steel set urine cavity shell, inner cushion latex cover, even use metal fixed plate, heavy and blunt discomfort, latex covers the stoma, cause the urinary tract blockage, urine leakage and infection, fixed plate edge cutting grinding skin caused pain. Currently on the market, Kang Bao brand products through a number of unique patented technology, more comprehensive solution to the above problems, in particular, anti-leakage design, anti-infection design considerations more comprehensive, patients can basically like ordinary people to participate in social activities, social work, physical exercise.