Composition and function of urine bags

2019-04-12 14:20:48

The waist-side urine collector generally uses the suit type, divides into the daily type and the night use type. The daily-use type consists of a urine cavity, a urinary catheter, a urine storage bag, a waist harness, a shoulder strap and other accessories; After the patient wears the suitable daily product, can go out with the ordinary person to participate in the social activity, carries on the simple movement and so on, the key is to prevent the urine leakage and the fumigation and the wound infection,

At present, especially with the paste type of repeated tearing of the fistula site skin caused by skin allergic ulcers caused by fever, itching damage to the greatest damage.

Due to the patient's fistula mouth site infection caused by the patient's hospitalization, not only in the physical, money to the patients and their families caused a great burden, more importantly, in the spirit of the patient caused by irritability, boredom and other emotions, the patient's rehabilitation caused more serious injury.

The urine chamber is used to fasten the nipple of the stoma, and then it is fixed with a girdle of the waist; the catheter is used to connect the urine cavity and the urine storage bag, and the urine storage bag is used to store urine and the urine is stored to a certain amount by the bottom valve of the urine storage bag. The night type consists of a urine cavity, a long urethral catheter and a girdle belt. Night-time use by the patient at night rest, the key is the user wearing the appropriate, can rest in different poses, prevent leakage of urine, so that patients can sleep peacefully.