Background introduction of urine bag

2019-04-12 14:19:51

In order to prevent the deterioration of the bladder cancer patients after hospitalization, the general operation of the total cystectomy. After the removal of the bladder, a diversion of the urethra, a fistula at the waist of the patient, is to create a "nipple" on the surface of the human body to excrete human urine.

During hospitalization, the catheter is inserted directly into the nipple by inserting a plastic catheter into the inside of the body, which causes the wound to become infected, causing severe pain to the patient, and the patient is discharged from the body by collecting urine from the nipple on the surface This time will be used to the waist-side urine bag for in vitro collection of urine, commonly known as the waist side of the urine bag or the waist side of the urine collector.