• How a colostomy is carried out

    A colostomy is carried out under general anaesthetic, using either:open surgery (laparotomy) – where a long cut (incision) is made in the tummy to access the colon, or laparos

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  • Application range of wound dressing

    Applied to medical care, family self-help care, outdoor sports, field first aid, sports, postoperative care and all kinds of sports injuries, sprain of limbs, soft tissue rubbing, joint swelling and s

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  • Scope of application of wound dressing

    1, bruise, bruise, sprain typeThe "mechanism" quickly removes inflammation, relieves pain, activates and initiates the body's ability to restore and repair, allowing the damaged tissue t

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  • Basic introduction of wound dressing

    Main Ingredient With water-soluble polymer materials as matrix skeleton, rich in 60% of moisture, through the containing menthol and other effective ingredients and hydrogel physical effect to achieve

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  • How to use the waist side urine bag

    How to use the daily type1, with a set of urine to gently cover the urination stoma, rotating set of urine to adjust to the appropriate angle and position, with a set of urine waist belt fixed to the

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  • Urine Bag Purchase Items

    The choice of a suitable product for the patient's physical health and mental health is very important, good products can make life easier for patients, to help patients return to normal life as s

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  • How to use urine bag

    The first thing to note is that the urine collection bag and the urine bag are not the same. Urine collection bags are used for patients undergoing "stoma" surgery. This type of patient may

    2019/04/12 21

  • What is the type of urine bag?

    Now commonly used in hospitals have ordinary type and precision type, the common type is commonly used in the hospital disposable urine bags, the capacity is generally 1000ml, packaging is simple, sho

    2019/04/12 19

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