What is the type of urine bag?

2019-04-12 14:21:27

Now commonly used in hospitals have ordinary type and precision type, the common type is commonly used in the hospital disposable urine bags, the capacity is generally 1000ml, packaging is simple, should be a day, the hospital price generally more than 10, 20, this your family should be useful during the hospital, you should not unfamiliar. The precision urine bag is generally for the serious illness, must the strict accurate record urine quantity patient use, the replacement time can not exceed 1 weeks, this relatively is expensive, generally seventy or eighty yuan above, the capacity is about 3000ml. Both of these can be connected to different ureters. However, you have to know that no matter what the size of the urine bag must be sterile! Because the patient is prone to infection, if it is not the normal contaminated urine bags of bacteria will flow upstream into the body, so that the infection increased. As for the purchase method, if you choose the network, you must look carefully, to have security, there is a formal business license to the local medical equipment store, or to the hospital, now the hospital generally has medical materials for the takeaway, and some hospitals are called self-financed pharmacies, you can according to your situation like the hospital people consultation,

They will help you choose according to the situation, the latter two ways to buy should be reliable, after all, the national inspection by the regular manufacturers supply. There is the use of urine bags must be noted, must keep the urine bag in the patient indwelling catheter fistula location below, lest urine reflux cause infection, urine bag to be fixed, so as not to turn over the activity when pulling urine tube caused prolapse. Urinary tube to be in strict accordance with the requirements of doctors regularly to the hospital replacement, good care, do not pollute. If the family can live their own life can be self-help with ordinary can, if more serious or temporary life can not take care of, but someone nursing, ordinary type also can, if need accurate and timely observation of urine volume should choose precision urine bag, reason is very simple, because its scale is far more accurate than ordinary urine bag. After saying so much, it is recommended that you go to the hospital where you have been treated, because only the doctors and nurses there know the best about your family, make the right choice according to their advice, and say hello to the care of their patients after discharge, it is the responsibility of the medical staff, You have to be clear about your family's future life.