• Medica 2023 in Dusseldorf, Germany

    Huebi Hendry Medical Appliance Co., Ltd is thrilled to announce our upcoming participation in one of the most prestigious events in the global healthcare industry – Medica 2023 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

    2023/10/27 蔡赟

  • New Product 404D

    2022年2月底,亨德利医疗器械有限公司推出了以款新产品,404D黏胶剥离片剂,此款产品具有除胶性强,方便携带等特点。上线一周后,已获得了较好的销量及客户的一致好评。 作为造口用品的专业制造商,亨德利将用更加优质的服务、更加完美的产品,提高造口患者的生活质量。 At the end of February 2022, Hendry Medical Appliance Co., Ltd.

    2022/03/04 hendry

  • Hendry

    Hubei Hendry Medical Appliance Co., Ltd was founded in 2014, we bring value to our customers.Our products are widely welcomed by domestic and foreign market. Both one-piece ostomy bags and two-piece o

    2021/12/14 Hendry

  • 2019.5.14-2019.5.17 CMEF Medical Fair Show

    2019.5.14-2019.5.17 CMEF Medical Fair Show


  • Q: What is a colostomy bag cover?

    A: Feeling positive about the way that your colostomy bag looks is a key means of eliminating any negative impact it may initially have on your lifestyle or choice of activities. There are many c


  • Q: How can I learn to be comfortable with the idea that using a colostomy bag will be part of my life on a long-term or permanent basis?

    A: There are many support groups, online and in real life, that exist specifically to help people who are new to using a colostomy bag adjust to the lifestyle changes that it necessitates. Social


  • Q: After surgery for Crohn’s disease, will a pouch be needed permanently?

    A: Not usually. The type of surgery which is usually recommended in Crohn’s disease is called a resection.12 Doctors will consider performing a resection to remove the sections of the intest


  • 2019.4.19 Company become gold supplier of alibaba

    2019.4.19 Company become the gold supplier of alibaba. Warmly welcome to visit our alibaba web:


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