Q: What is a colostomy bag cover?

2019-04-26 11:14:49

A: Feeling positive about the way that your colostomy bag looks is a key means of eliminating any negative impact it may initially have on your lifestyle or choice of activities. There are many companies which make attractive covers for colostomy bags out of different materials, and it is possible to order covers that are custom-made from the material of your choice.

Covers can be useful in situations such as going exercising or to the beach. If you would prefer not to display the bag itself, which may be visible in swimwear or sportswear, wearing a cover removes the need to wear extra clothing for this purpose.

Many outlets specialize in colostomy bag covers for specific types of activity, for example, purpose-built swimwear or underwear-style covers for intimate occasions. These can easily be purchased online. It is also possible to make colostomy bag covers oneself, using a sewing pattern to ensure accurate sizing.