Q: How can I learn to be comfortable with the idea that using a colostomy bag will be part of my life on a long-term or permanent basis?

2019-04-26 11:14:11

A: There are many support groups, online and in real life, that exist specifically to help people who are new to using a colostomy bag adjust to the lifestyle changes that it necessitates. Social networks that help people connect with others who use colostomy bags are specifically designed for sharing tips and techniques to help people overcome any misgivings that they may have and to promote awareness that it is possible to live a normal, happy life after a temporary of permanent colostomy.

Dedicated websites and forums, such as More Than Your Bag, Coloplastand Living with a Stoma encourage people with all types of colostomy bags to share success stories. These personal narratives are intended to inspire others to feel positive about the improvements that their colostomy and use of a colostomy bag have brought to their health, rather than feeling disappointed about needing to use one.

Furthermore, over the past few decades, an increasing number of celebrities with colostomy bags and ostomies have spoken out about their usefulness. This has further helped to normalize the idea that a person may require colostomy surgery during their lifetime. Furthermore, these stories help to show that everybody who undergoes a colostomy can go on to use their bag without problems and with a positive mindset, embracing the freedoms it offers.